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Geissler Präzisionserzeugnisse GmbH
“The Kloepfel Corporate Finance GmbH team provided me with excellent advice and support in all business, financial and process tactical aspects of the sales process with a high level of commitment and dedication. Based on a sound knowledge of the industry, interested parties were quickly found. Due to the many years of experience of Kloepfel Corporate Finance GmbH and the mutual trust built up, it was possible to work together as partners in selecting the right future buyer. With the right negotiating skills, an excellent result could be achieved in all aspects important to me in such a complex and time-consuming transaction. I would like to thank the Kloepfel Corporate Finance GmbH team for their support, advice and assistance throughout the entire process.”
Florian Geissler, (Founder of Geissler Präzisionserzeugnisse GmbH)


High-Tech Company
“The key for us was that our chosen M&A advisor deeply understood our business model, what we produce and what drives us. The M&A team at Kloepfel is able to rapidly learn complex tasks and provide excellent professional advice. They helped us to develop both sales and acquisition solutions which will benefit our company not only in the short but also in the long term.”
High-Tech Company, (CFO)

Private Equity

Alpina Partners
“We would like to thank the Kloepfel Corporate Finance team for their high level of commitment and the professional realization of the process throughout the various phases of the transaction. KCF’ s market expertise was essential in achieving the outstanding transaction result for both the initial shareholders as well as the financially strong and synergistically complementary Investor.”
Jörg Sperling, (Managing Partner Alpina Partners)
Private Equity
“Throughout the entire process, Dr. Heiko Frank’s project team guided the parties involved with great skill, while still representing and preserving our interests at all times. The active communication, high-quality documentation and analyses helped create an efficient process. We appreciated the collaboration with this very experienced M&A team and look forward to future cooperation.”
Private Equity, (Managing Partner)

Professional Services

Professional Services
“The project team gave us outstanding support and guidance during all stages of the sales process. They fully understood the complexity of our business model and tailored a solution specific to the target investor group. We greatly appreciated the trusting and cooperative way of doing business.”
Professional Services, (Executive Partner)


Valentin Kaltenbach
“We would like to thank the Kloepfel Corporate Finance team for their high commitment and the professional approach during the whole process. We are delighted to win Zobel Values AG as an ideal partner on a long-term horizon, sharing our values, and also be able to restructure the whole financing of the company.”
Valentin Kaltenbach, (Kaltenbach Group)


baramundi software AG
“We would like to thank the project team of Kloepfel Corporate Finance, who supported us with an efficient and effective process for the sale of our company. The interplay of professional approach and negotiation skills as well as the high level of commitment have made a major contribution to the success of the transaction. At the same time, the cooperation was characterized by a trustful and partnership-oriented approach that took care of the specific shareholder structure requirements.”
Bernd und Sylvia Holz, (Founder of baramundi software AG)
CPU Softwarehouse AG
“We would like to thank Dr. Heiko Frank for his outstanding commitment, combined with excellent specialist knowledge and focused advice throughout the entire transaction. The acquisition of NSG GIS, a cancom SE company, will enable CPU Softwarehouse AG to continue to position itself very successfully in the software and consulting environment for banks and financial service providers in the future.”
Roger Heinz, (Executive CPU Softwarehouse AG)
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