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Financing via the stock exchange has always been regarded as the highest form of corporate financing, as it offers the greatest potential. However, due to the regulatory and commercial hurdles for companies, the regulated capital market also presents the greatest challenges in obtaining new capital.

This is especially true for the classic initial public offering (IPO), which, whether in Frankfurt, London or New York, is extremely complex.

To meet these complex requirements, all system and process-relevant prerequisites must first be fulfilled. In the actual IPO preparation phase, all internal and external parties must be managed in a structured and efficient manner. It is therefore of particular importance that all persons involved pull together.

Our role as an IPO advisors is flexible, but in principle oriented in such a way that our IPO-experienced advisors – we were responsible for IPOs as supervisory board, CEO and CFO – competently consult and support you from the very beginning in all decisions regarding your IPO as well as in all phases of the process. This begins with the decision for (or against) an IPO, followed by the establishment of the internal structures, systems and processes required by the capital market. Parallel to this, the “best” stock exchange is selected and the syndicate with the involved investment banks and lawyers is structured. We also take over the efficient management of the core IPO process (due diligence process, preparation and approval of the stock exchange prospectus, IR support, pricing etc.) until the first day of trading.

We always keep the big picture in mind and consistently represent your interests to all parties involved, such as investment banks, auditors, tax consultants and lawyers. We also continuously monitor the individual process steps and can thus guide you most effectively to the desired result – your successful listing on the “best” stock exchange for your company.

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