SPAC Advisory - "Turbo IPO" via a listed "cash shell"

Since 2020, SPAC IPOs have dominated the American IPO space and there is no end in sight to the boom. As is so often the case, this American development is also reaching Europe with some delay, where the first SPAC IPOs were launched in Q1 2021.

SPACS, i.e. cash-filled shell companies, offer capital market-savvy companies a very interesting alternative access to the stock exchange. Instead of taking the lengthy route via a traditional IPO, they can merge with a SPAC and take over its stock exchange listing. As a rule, this process is typically faster, less expensive and less risky than the conventional IPO. We know this from our own hands-on experience, one of our partners founded the second SPAC listed in Germany and led it to its “de-SPAC-ing”.

Our role as your SPAC advisor is flexible, but principally set-up such a way that our SPAC-experienced advisors competently advise and relieve you from the very beginning in all decisions regarding your IPO via a SPAC as well as in all phases of the process. This starts with setting up capital market-compatible internal structures, systems and processes, followed by identifying your optimal SPAC partner. We not only take over the efficient management of the first project phase up to the “Business Combination Agreement” with a SPAC (marketing strategy, SPAC approach, due diligence, negotiation BCA) but also support you and your team in the second, joint project phase with the SPAC to obtain the shareholders’ approval for “de-SPAC-ing” (preparation of all necessary documents for the SEC/BaFin, Analyst Day, Roadshow etc.). Of course, if you wish, we can also recommend SPAC-experienced lawyers as well as auditors and tax advisors from our network.
We always keep an eye on the big picture for you and without exception represent your interests vis-à-vis all parties involved, such as investment banks, auditors, tax advisors and lawyers. We also continuously monitor the individual process steps and can thus lead you most effectively to the desired result – your cost-effective, fast and low-risk listing via a SPAC.

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