Exclusive collaboration between Kloepfel Corporate Finance and Geissler Precision Products GmbH

Munich, January 2018 – Kloepfel Corporate Finance GmbH is the exclusive M&A consultant of Geissler Precision Products GmbH (Geissler). As part of the partnership, Geissler was supervised in the sale of 100% of the shares to the Austrian Hirschmann Automotive GmbH (Hirschmann).

Geissler is an established manufacturer of fine punch components for the automotive Industry. Since its foundation in 1929, Geissler has been a family business and is now managed by the third generation. The focus is on the development and production of series products, in particular high-precision electrical components and plug contacts, such as in the field of hybrid technology. In 2017, a turnover of around 10 million euros was achieved. Currently, around 60 employees work at the headquarters in Gauting near Munich. The name and location of the company will remain unchanged.

Hirschmann can benefit by taking on strategically important competencies in the field of fine punching technology. As a result, the company becomes a system provider for complex plug-in systems. For years, Hirschmann has aimed to enter the field of fine punching technology. The merger of the competencies of the two companies will bring strategic long-term benefits. “With the acquisition of Geissler, Hirschmann has increased its depth of production and thus its independence from external suppliers,” said Hirschmann managing directors Volker Buth and Thomas Mayer. The purchase is part of Hirschmann’s expansion course. There are currently worldwide 5,000 employees working at Hirschmann. In 2017, sales of 340 million euros were recorded, an increase of 13 percent compared to 2016.

“The Kloepfel Corporate Finance team has provided me with excellent advice and support in all business, financial and procedural aspects of the sales process with a high level of commitment and dedication. Due to in-depth industry knowledge, potential prospects were quickly found. Thanks to many years of experience and mutual trust, a partnership regarding the selection of the right buyer was possible. With the right negotiating skills, an excellent result in all aspects that are important to me could be achieved in such a complex and time-consuming transaction. I would like to thank the Kloepfel Corporate Finance team for their support, advice and care throughout the process“, commented Florian Geissler, managing partner at Geissler.

In search of the best succession solution and the right strategic partner for Geissler, Kloepfel Corporate Finance has developed a globally competitive M&A process. In this way, the company’s further international growth path can be managed.